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Typical Applications:

-Raw material and product storage bins

-Process feed bins

-Anti-segregation and deariation bins


-Packing equipment


-Blender outlets

-Pneumatic conveying inlets















Diamondback Technology

Diamondback Technology are a Calfornian based company providing solutions to bulk solids handling problems worldwide, Lindsey Fabrication & Engineering are the only company in Europe licensed to produce Diamondback Hoppers.

The Arch-breaking Diamondback Hopper prevents arching and "rat-holing" with its innovative one-dimensional convergence.
In many cases, the Diamondback eliminates the need for noisy vibrators, air cannons and rotary valves and can use inexpensive constant-pitch rather than expensive mass-flow screw feeders.
Because it provides uniform mass-flow with no moving parts, the Diamondback Hopper virtually eliminates costly maintenance. It effectively increases production rates while minimizing downtime. All these features make the Diamondback Hopper an economical solution to solids flow problems.

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Diamondback Hopper
Diamondback Hopper
Diamondback Hopper
Diamondback Hopper
Diamondback Hopper
Diamondback Hopper